Can the keto diet make you feel hot

By | February 16, 2021

can the keto diet make you feel hot

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I remember the first time I experienced a hot flash while I was keto. While hot flashes are typical symptoms of menopause, there are other reasons yet to be understood. What causes hot flashes on keto? Menopause aside, hot flashes due to a ketogenic diet can usually be attributed to. I then ask, how would you explain a healthy 20 or year-old female or male and someone that went through menopause a decade ago experiencing hot flashes? And while the answer may not be so simple, these individuals all experienced these signs and symptoms of what could be described as hot flashes during the first few weeks of starting a ketogenic diet. Before diving in too deep on the whole subject of hot flashes, many people feel they run warmer while following a ketogenic diet. There are generally two reasons why this happens.

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