Chinese medicine hot food water diet for cancer

By | August 3, 2020

chinese medicine hot food water diet for cancer

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Medicine diet for chinese food hot cancer water

The various malignant tumors can occur at different locations and result in complicated conditions in their advanced stages. Advanced cancer patients will experience physical wasting; also, due to the effect of vicious toxins, the patients can develop systemic metabolic disorders and then cachexia. Along with the invasion and distant metastasis of tumors in the surrounding tissues and organs, the patients can develop various complicated symptoms, which can even be fatal. From the perspective of TCM, tumor is not only the morphological changes of a specific tissue or organ but also, and more importantly, the functional changes of tissues or organs. The pathological changes of tumors are clinically presented as dampness, toxin, phlegm, stasis obstruction, and deficiency. Patients often have the dysfunction of viscera and bowels e. In addition, pathological changes can also occur due to the emotional impairment. The imbalance between yin and yang in viscera and bowels can be particularly obvious in patients with advanced cancers. According to the ancient Chinese physicians, the development of tumors is often associated with the dysfunction of viscera and bowels, particularly the spleen and kidney deficiencies.

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