Hispanic diet and heart disease

By | November 8, 2020

hispanic diet and heart disease

The medical and socioeconomic burden of heart failure: a comparative delineation with cancer. Heart failure can result from a number of causes including but not limited to high blood pressure, MI, heart valve disease and infection of the heart tissue. Prevalence of unfavorable or borderline CVD risk was relatively high and correlated with less acculturation among men only. For example, a review of hospital records in New York and Florida found that although Hispanics were more likely to be admitted to the hospital with PVD they were less likely to receive surgical intervention 4 vs. J Lat Psychol. Vascular Medicine. Social factors may play a major role in Hispanic health. Like many other Hispanic women, Eva spent her time as a caregiver for her family rather than thinking about herself.

Like many other Hispanic women, Eva spent her time as a caregiver for her family rather than thinking about herself. The result? Thirteen years of an ignored heart murmur. Many Hispanic women have said that they more likely to take preventative action for their families when it comes to heart health. However, they end up completely ignoring their own health in the process, and these acts of selflessness can become deadly. And the statistics above are proof. Myrna, unlike most Hispanic women, was proactive about her health. Heart disease shared a long history with her family. But as she grew older, she became determined to stop the disease that claimed the lives of too many family members for so long. Myrna knew firsthand the challenges that face Hispanic women: they take on the role of caregiver superwoman, catering to the needs of everyone but themselves. And that catering largely has to do with food. For Hispanic and Latina women, cooking for family is an act of love that can involve unhealthy pork products and lard.

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