Is diet coke bad when breastfeeding

By | September 3, 2020

is diet coke bad when breastfeeding

We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. I drink every day. I had one while nursing in the hospital with the lactation consultant right there. I’m curious to what the risks are. Is it the caffeine she said to limit or the artificial sweeteners? I agree with pp if you’ve been doing it for this long I’m sure it’s fine but maybe try cuttting back a little bit. I don’t think you’ll do damage if you still have 3 or 4 a week.

Keep me logged in. Both have been proved not to be good for you or the baby. See also My baby is gassy. Track your baby’s development. If you have questions about what to eat or drink and what to avoid, talk with your doctor, your midwife, or a registered dietitian. Stevia is a very sweet herb that is used by many as a zero-calorie sugar substitute. Peanut sensitisation and allergy: influence of early life exposure to peanuts. Join now! Although it is prudent to avoid the use of aspartame in women who are nursing an infant with phenylketonuria, amounts that are typically ingested in aspartame-sweetened foods and beverages do not result in any additional risk to breastfed infants with phenylketonuria. This may sound stupid, but is it okay to drink diet coke while breastfeeding?

These women may need calcium, vitamins B12 and D, zinc, and iron. Netmums Forum. Infant botulism from FamilyPracticeNotebook. I agree that real sugar is better though. So they’re both probably equally bad diet vs nondiet. Food and Drug Administration, January-February Delete Discussion? Bronchitol Bronchitol mannitol is an inhaled dry powder formulation of the sugar alcohol For more support with breastfeeding, check out our guide to UK parent support organisations.

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