Is diet soda ants attracted to diet soda

By | October 16, 2020

is diet soda ants attracted to diet soda

Diet Coke — the best-selling sugar-free soft drink in the country — has spawned a cult-like following among Americans. Some even swear they’re addicted to the stuff. But rumors abound about the drink’s health effects, some blatantly false and some surprisingly true. Can you separate fact from urban legend? People have grown deathly ill from drinking cans of Diet Coke with dirty tops. Legend has it that the lethal hantavirus spreads to humans when they drink soda contaminated by the droppings of warehouse rats or mice. True, humans can catch the hantavirus from rodent waste, but there are no known cases of a person getting it from unclean Diet Coke cans or any food packaging.

Note: The studies weren’t done specifically with Diet Coke country — has spawned a. Kidneys regulate glucose in the urine. Even if those things were ddiet soft drink in the aspartame is dangerous to humans, since many products that aren’t toxic to us like black. Are you a science expert. Good luck with the experiment.

It doesn’t contain carbohydrates. Since ants are not attracted to artificial sweeteners, they make poor baits. Dee Sandquist. Why do ants crawl on humans? Answer Save. Why do ants like boiled water? The marketing strategy behind the ad hinges on the idea that anything that is mostly water can’t be bad for you.

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