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Book describes how trendy fitness studios use cult-like tactics to attract followers

John Tolley and his wife, Monica, both lawyers in Sheepshead Bay, have been trying to unload their Peloton for months. While they liked the classes and the praise they got from instructors, they realize now that they only shelled out $ 2,000 for the bike and gear because their friends were hyping it on Facebook.… Read More »

Bbc health diet and fitness plan

Diet bear in mind that adding snacks or swapping recipes will alter the bbc calories and recommended daily intakes for the heaalth. Lentil salad with tahini dressing Vegetarian, healthy, low cal, fitness, iron, folate, vitamin C, fibre, 4 of 5-a-day, gluten-free Ginger along with lemon zest adds a subtle undertone to this, which will provide… Read More »

Keto diet nerd fitness

Whenever a new trend in health and wellness takes shape a plethora of questions are asked about its effectiveness, side-effects and applications. If the trend has not taken root yet and the science behind it is still not settled, then it is difficult to be dogmatic in your views. The best way to handle it… Read More »

Mens fitness zac efron diet

Actor Zac Efron might be a chill world traveler now, but he hasn’t always been able to take a laid back approach to his fitness. You probably know that if you watched him in Baywatch, or heard him talk about the intense training and diet he adopted to get absolutely shredded for the role. Efron… Read More »