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Dairy free aleo diet

Buy “organic” and “cage-free” eggs for a higher omega-3 content than eggs from chickens raised in cages. Thank you for the meal plan! It excludes grains, legumes, processed sugar and most dairy. When it comes to dairy and Paleo, some debates pop-up. Still working full time. Looks yummy. Those restrictions can definitely be a transition… Read More »

Gluten free diet thyroid nhs

Printer Friendly Version. Researchers have found autoimmune thyroid diseases to be more common in people with celiac disease than in the general population. This gland produces thyroid hormones whose main job is to regulate metabolism. These hormones affect every system in the body and help to control its functions, for example, temperature regulation. The reasons… Read More »

Alchol on the starch free diet

Calories from drinks can add up very quickly. Common sugar alcohols are mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, isomalt, maltitol and hydrogenated starch hydrolysates HSH. Sugar alcohol does not contain ethanol, which is found in alcoholic beverages. Fat source —This may already be in your protein; for example, bacon and eggs have fat in them. Alcoholic beverage,… Read More »