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Gluten free fat burning diet

Keep in mind that the jury’s still out on the Paleo diet—some experts warn that you’ll be passing up valuable vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients if you skimp on foods like fruit, beans, and whole grain rice. They have found that gluten-free diets: 1 may promote certain nutrient deficiencies, 2 may increase the risk of… Read More »

Gluten free diet summary

A gluten-free diet GFD is a diet that strictly excludes gluten, which is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and all of its species and hybrids, such as spelt, kamut, and triticale, as well as barley, rye, and oats. Gluten may cause both gastrointestinal and systemic symptoms for those with gluten-related disorders, including coeliac… Read More »

Curing autism with gluten free diet

Background: Autism is now a common condition with a prevalence of 1 in 88 children. There is no known etiology. Speculation about possible treatments for autism or autism spectrum disorders ASD has included the use of various dietary interventions, including a gluten-free diet. Objective: The goal of this article was to review the literature available… Read More »