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Court topples Canadian ruling that one of world’s most expensive drugs is excessively priced

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health and Wellness Health Canada Soliris was originally approved to treat two blood disorders affecting about 180 Canadians, with the list price in Canada for a year of treatment ranging from $ 500,000 to $ 700,000 Author of the article: Tom Blackwell Publishing date: Aug 03, 2021  •  4 days ago  • … Read More »

The one thing most likely to kill your child this summer (it’s probably not what you think)

Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Life Health Canada More dangerous than guns, pit bulls and pit bulls with guns Author of the article: Tristin Hopper Publishing date: Jun 03, 2021  •  1 week ago  •  3 minute read  •  79 Comments Article content If Summer 2021 plays out like all the others, at least a few… Read More »

Most Americans probably won’t be able to get a Covid-19 vaccine until mid-2021, CDC director says

“Those who are vaccine hesitant have had their hesitancy enhanced by a variety of things that are happening right now, particularly the unfortunate mix of science and politics,” Collins said at an event hosted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. A recent poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that more than… Read More »

Most effective fat burning diets

It has the one-two burning of vitamin D and calcium, which turn off most, a stress hormone that causes the body to hang on effective belly fat. If followed well, effedtive principles can diets used for weight loss. The new platform really does consider all aspects of wellness. Eggs Full of quality protein and fats… Read More »