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Vegan for a month diet

This post is about my one-month experiment with a vegan diet. Second, I have tremendous respect for vegans. A lot of people have asked where all the posts about my vegan month were. Eating at home was nearly identical to the way we usually eat at home. In fact, eating vegan for 30 days made… Read More »

Vegan diet for control of chronic pain

Inflammation causes pain and healthier eating can reduce it. Following an anti-inflammatory diet can be an effective way to fight pain and even ease symptoms of some chronic conditions. Medical professionals and researchers are trying to figure out the best ways to prevent and treat chronic pain. If your pain is due to inflammation, one… Read More »

Vegan diet congestive heart failure

LDL-cholesterol: a risk factor for coronary artery disease-from epidemiology to artery stenosis. Extensive calcification on the CT angiogram precluded assessment of coronary heart trials. It found that cardiovascular disease congestive nearly non-existent congesitve areas where cholesterol diet are consistently. The Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate was to be daunting either. Vegan mediators in chronic heart failure: an… Read More »

Vegan diet reverses what

Association of specific dietary fats with total and cause-specific mortality. Implementation in clinical practice Several reviews have presented practical strategies for using plant-based diets in clinical scenarios, including type 2 diabetes management. Smoothie in the making! Doyle, M. Knowing what to eat, refusing to swallow it. Doing so may lower your risk for atherosclerosis, the… Read More »