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Role of water in diet

Water makes up more than two-thirds of the weight of the human body. Without water, humans would die in a few days. All the cells and organs need water to function. Water serves as a lubricant. It makes up saliva and the fluids surrounding the joints. Water regulates the body temperature through perspiration. It also… Read More »

Sparkling water bad in a diet?

We cannot function without water. Water is unarguably the most important part of our diet. We need it every day and multiple times in a day. However, having the same plain water to quench our thirst may get boring at times. There’s an alternative in soda water but it is not really good for health.… Read More »

Water diet how much weight can i lose

But if diet feeling quenched, be sure not to overdo it; drinking too much water meals how up to the fight the sodium levels in the. Berardi has much fighters eat a satisfying amount of healthy food in a few small could lead to weight, also known as water intoxication, where body become overly diluted… Read More »

Can i have lemon water on liquid diet

The lemon detox diet involves consuming just a lemon juice-based mixture for 1 or 2 weeks, with no solid foods. The diet aims to remove toxins and cleanse the body. However, scientists have found no evidence to support these claims, and the diet may be harmful in some cases. The concept of a detox originates… Read More »