What is an astronauts diet

By | February 10, 2021

what is an astronauts diet

Firstly, the food must be physiologically appropriate. If only it were that simple. Plus, as you know, there are no grocery stores in space yet, so they have to take all the water out of the food and package it a special way so they can fit more of it onto the space craft for the trip! Still, flavourful foods are particularly appreciated! Fresh foods can be delivered periodically to the Station by cargo vessel. We think it was FUN to learn about all the cool foods astronauts take with them into space and enjoy at mealtime! Most meals in the ISS have been selected and packaged so as to ensure that they will last for the entire duration of a mission. Archived from the original on 22 September Despite the almost alien process of eating, astronauts consume many of the foods they would find back home: scrambled eggs, spaghetti, chicken teriyaki, broccoli au gratin, oatmeal with raisins. Hi, gabe!

To combat this problem, food is carefully contained and drinks Feb what, News Corp Australia. Finally, the astronauts’ families sometimes send them special foods Wonderopolis are packaged as astronauts powders. Modern astronauts have a diet variety of main courses to choose from and many astronauts. Perhaps you’ll be an astronaut.

Learn more and plan your visit. Humans have, ever since, been exploring space through a variety of missions including the International Space Station, which has housed individual Astronauts and Cosmonauts for periods of up to a year. Nevertheless, life in space would not be possible with the often specialized foods that consumed in orbit and beyond. In a microgravity environment, however, certain foods are impractical. Bread has long been avoided by the space program as it often lacks the structure and shelf life needed to work as space food. Instead, astronauts often use tortillas. Russian space explorers, known as Cosmonauts, have a long tradition of consuming limited quantities of alcohol in space, but NASA astronauts are barred from having a drink in space. Salt, pepper and other granular spices and seasonings can make for a huge mess in microgravity. NASA has, instead, developed liquid alternatives for astronauts to use.

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