What is flexible dieting

By | September 27, 2020

what is flexible dieting

Firstly, flexible dieting is not a diet — it is an approach to nutrition. It involves meeting daily targets of macronutrients protein, carbohydrate and fat that have been calculated specifically for you in order to reach a specific body composition goal. The focus is on reaching these targets as the driver of your results, with food selection left up to you. This creates enjoyment and sustainability with your diet which in turn improves long term adherence and results. Flexible dieting is essentially a form of calorie counting and is dependent on your energy balance. To put it simply. Rather than typical calorie counting e. The three main macronutrients — protein, fat, and carbohydrate, all have a caloric value per gram.

Yes our physique characteristics have been linked to metabolic difference between individuals but the affect is so small. Of course, you should aim to hit all the vitamin and mineral requirements that are recommended, and it is also suggested to eat 14g of fibre for every 1, calories. I would also recommend the following guidelines as a minimum: serves of fruit per day. Comment below and let me know! This important for a few reasons. Now that I have been doing the flexible diet I was able to lose weight and be in the best shape I wanted. I would recommend weighing yourself daily and taking photos and measurements weekly. Love the meal plan idea! My Bag 0. Counting macros has been one of the easiest life changes when it comes to getting healthier and losing the baby fat that I was holding onto for 5 years after my 3rd kid. Aesthetic changes are a huge bonus, of course but keep your eyes on those performance goals and the changes in body composition will happen naturally. Customise your own flexible diet by following the steps in this section.

You might what tried macros before, and it didn’t work for flexible. The only tool you really need is a digital food dieting. Learn about dieting, protein and fats in different foods, what each macronutrient does in the body and how eating a balance of the three can help you reach your goals. There what three main macros: Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate. Never be discouraged it. This was demonstrated in the flexible diet. Height ins.

Athlete For those who exercise with resistance training or intense. Are you aiming to gain or lose weight or maintain.

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